Did you know that you are able to buy and own mortgage notes and be the one receiving the monthly payments, just like a bank does?

There has been a myth that only banks and financial institutions are the ones that are able to own notes, however nothing could be further from the truth. Lending and debt as a business has been around since biblical times. Thankfully, there has never been a better time for individual investors to diversify their investments and learn about one of the most powerful asset classes. In the world of mortgage notes, you are investing in something which is backed and protected by physical collateral. Yes, your investment is actually backed by a hard asset.

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If you are ready to learn about the exciting world of investing in mortgage notes, within these pages you will learn:

$ Techniques to analyze and evaluate a note
$ Risk management best practices
$ How to purchase a note and properly manage it during your ownership
$ Ways to utilize your retirement account as a capital source to purchase notes
$ Evaluating note funds as a passive investor

Whether you are seeking to learn how to be actively involved in the notes business, or you are an investor who wants to invest passively and better understand this amazing asset class, The Little Green Book of Note Investing is your guide to learning how to get started.